I am a digital media graduate and specialise in being able to produce content for varying types of media utilising my wide knowledge of all things digital including web, photography, and video.


Our Pub

Played my part in the pre-production for this short documentary to help bring it to life.

Our Pub Website

A website built to support the Our Pub short documentary, built by myself.

Anxiety and Me

Joe created this video as an abstract/artistic representation of what it is like to suffer from an anxiety attack.


A university project which Joe directed, wrote, and edited. A short film about a girl who has lost her memories in a futuristic world where memories can be recorded and stored, and is fighting to retrieve them to remember who she is.


As a part time hobby I create video content for a YouTube channel focused on all things gaming.


To get in touch with me feel free to drop me an email. You can also connect with me via Twitter or on LinkedIn.